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Bomar is an innovative contracting company active in both the underground mining and civil engineering industries.

Our offices are located in Rivonia, South Africa.

We have a distinguished record of involvement in major underground projects both within South Africa and elsewhere and can boast a truly impressive safety record over 49 years of operation.

Our approach to projects differs from that of larger, higher profile organisations. Great emphasis is placed on speed, cost reduction and safety obtained through the application of state-of the art technology and dedicated, focused management.

Bomar specialises in high speed tunnel and decline shaft development, both as a contractor (typically as a Joint Venture partner with other contracting companies) and as a specialist tendering/cost consulting service provider.

The South African hardrock mining industry has recently recognised the urgent need to introduce mechanisation and new technology in order to remain globally competitive.

Bomar is, through its accumulated experience and expertise, ideally placed to contribute to this revolutionary change in the production workplace. Considerable time and effort has been expended in IP development and as a result we have registered several patents for a number of mechanised mining solutions, offering real economic benefits to the mining industry.

In addition, our technologies offer improved workplace safety and significant skills development opportunities to employees from historically disadvantaged communities. As an example during 2001, at Anglo Platinum’s BRPM Mine, Bomar successfully demonstrated that a small diameter TBM (tunnel boring machine) could be utilised to develop reef raises. This led to appreciable changes to the mining industry’s mechanisation philosophy.

The Directors of Bomar are convinced that their innovations represent a real opportunity to achieve commercially viable mechanised production within certain narrow tabular reef environments, such as that encountered in Merensky and Bushveld complexes. Our solutions are technically superior to any other approach currently available.

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