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Mechanised Mucking System (MMS)

The Mechanised Mucking System, as patented by Mario Pietromartire, is designed to excavate decline shafts in a manner which gives Bomar a definite edge on its competitors. The system may be used in various configurations for excavating decline shafts from 12 to 40 degrees inclination.

MMS System for 4m wide 26º decline.
Views shows excavator, expansion floor and jumbo.


The Hopper Loading System patented by Mario & Romano Pietromartire may be used in tunnels and haulages requiring medium to high rates of advance. The system uses a face “Hagg” or similar loader to load spans of hoppers to achieve high and cost-effective rates of mucking. The working prototype confirmed the designed tunnel face-loading rate of 50 to 60 tons per hour.

Working together with the Hopper Loading System, an Equipping Service Utility Car has been designed to complement high development rates with efficient installation of rails and services.

Emptied train tramming back into tunnel at Mamelodi Tunnel Project.


Developed and patented by Mario Pietromartire the Megamole is a stoping machine designed to be applied, in the typical narrow chrome and/or platinum reef in South Africa.

Negotiations are taking place with various mining houses for a trial of the Megamole.

More information is available on request.